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Project Information

  • Project Date: Jun 08, 2020
  • Categories: Tote Bag, Sublimation

St John’s Preschool

Project Description
St Johns Preschool is a prestigious school located in Washington DC. They decided to change their corporate logo with something that they felt more identified and described as institution and was looking for a vendor that could produce promotional items for their new logo.  Main challenge they had was that most of the vendors they found, only offered techniques extremely expensive and usually guided them towards printing in only one color but that was not an option for them cause their logo will completely lose the authenticity it had.

Project Strategy
We identified the products the customer could use without limiting them, nor the order minimum, quality or the amount of colors they could use.

Project Challenge
The challenge was huge since it demanded for us to guide the customer to choose a technique that allowed us to print all the colors in their logo but that was complex task using a traditional printing techniques.

Project Solution
We decided to use the SUBLIMATION technique for this project since it allowed us to use any colors needed without limitations.

Project Result
Another happy customer in love of their tote bag with their new logo printed by professionals and were able to get their digital idea to a promotional product. We can feel their happiness when they see their brand circling around.