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About Us:

Where Custom Craftsmanship Meets a Client-Centric Approach

Welcome to our world of precision and personal touch, where your visions are turned into reality with unparalleled craftsmanship. Founded by Alex and Marlen, a duo with a rich heritage of innovation and excellence in printing and manufacturing from Honduras, we bring over a decade of international expertise right to your doorstep. 

Our Journey

Our story begins in the vibrant landscapes of Honduras, where for more than ten years, we honed our skills and nurtured our passion for creating exceptional promotional items. With a dream to expand our horizons, we brought our expertise to the US, blending the rich traditions of our homeland with the dynamic needs of the American and Central American markets.


Our Mission

At the heart of our mission lies a deep commitment to not just selling products, but providing solutions. We understand that behind every project there’s a vision, a message that needs to be accurately and beautifully conveyed. This understanding drives our dedication to delivering not only quality items but also eco-friendly solutions that respect our planet.

What Sets Us Apart

Expertise and Innovation:

With over 12 years of experience spanning two continents, we bring a wealth of knowledge and a continuous drive for innovation to every project. Our background in both the US and Central America gives us a unique perspective that enriches our work and your results.

Fully Customizable Solutions:

From commercial to personal projects, we believe in the power of customization. Our services are tailored to meet your exact needs, ensuring your message is delivered exactly how you envision it, with a personal touch that makes all the difference.

Quality and Eco-Friendliness:

We don't just aim for excellence in what we create; we also care about how we create it. Our commitment to quality is matched by our dedication to sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly processes that benefit our clients and the environment.

Excellence in what we create:

We also care about how we create it. Our commitment to quality is matched by our dedication to sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly processes that benefit our clients and the environment. Professionalism and Personal Service: Our team is not just highly skilled; they're passionate about what they do. This passion is reflected in the meticulous care and personal attention every project receives, ensuring your experience with us is as outstanding as the products we deliver.

Your Vision, Our Craft

Under the guidance of Alex and Marlen, we don’t just see ourselves as a business but as a partner in bringing your vision to life. Whether you’re looking to make a statement with promotional items or seeking a unique way to express your brand, we’re here to make it happen. With a client-centric approach and custom craftsmanship at our core, we invite you to experience the difference that genuine passion and precision can make.

Your Vision Our Craft

Our Team

Alex Aguilera 1

Alex Aguilera


Founded Dboss in Honduras capital city in 2009. Graduated at the Catholic University of Honduras with a major on Industrial Engineering. Currently focusing on applying his knowledge on the business he started 12 years ago.

Marlen Maldonado

Marlen Maldonado


Focused on business growth, lead and opportunity generation. Graduated in Business Administration at the José Cecilio del Valle University in Honduras. Passionate for commercial and social relationships.

Vinicio Guzman

Vinicio Guzman


With his vast experience in the digital marketing arena, he’s always looking for the latest trends and technologies and implements them. He’s in charge of producing content and analyzing the market to implement new strategies.

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