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Project Information

  • Project Date: Jun 08, 2020
  • Categories: Apron, Household


Project Description
Our customer is a roof contractor in Faifax, VA county that was urgently looking for t-shirts for all of their employees.

Project Strategy
We had to plan to do extra hours to accomplish this t-shirts in the timeline setup by our customer.

Project Challenge
We advised our customer with the type of technologies they can use depending on the brand of apparel their employees are using.  Our brands offer different type of textile depending on the weather.  They were used to use the same type of items and was never made aware of the functions each textile has.

Project Solution
We printed t-shirts that were ready for summer weather, the sublimation technology allowed quick absorption of sweat and long lasting durability.

Project Result
Customer and employees are satisfied with the quality of their apparel and how it shows the corporate image and helps them standout in the industry.